Life at CNS


Welcome to Central Nursery School! We invite you to explore our CentralNurserySchool3website and learn more about what’s important to us and what’s important to our preschool families.

At Central Nursery School we recognize and understand that each and every child is a special and unique person whose rate of development, growth and maturation varies significantly. We believe that self-esteem is basic to all learning.

Dynamic and Nurturing Environment

As a facilitator of learning, the teacher carefully plans the curriculum to provide a dynamic learning environment where the child learns through self-discovery in a loving and relaxed atmosphere. Individual interests, skills and needs are considered in curriculum planning. Many play experiences such as dramatic play, block building and the use of climbing apparatus encourage the development of social skills as well as large and small coordination.

Musically Active Learning

Daily activities with music help the child gain a concept of rhythm, individual interpretation and general appreciation. Auditory and verbal skills are developed through expressive language experiences. An atmosphere is set to encourage the child’s spontaneity and creativity in verbal expression.

Cooking Up Some Fun

Cooking experiences aid in the discovery of math, science, and most importantly, socialization. Weights and measures, sorting and classifying involve the use of Unifix blocks, Cuisenaire rods, salt boxes, sand box, water play and playdough. The alphabet is presented through various activities, games or projects that are appropriate for the individual class.

CNS30009Discovering Creatively Through Hands-On Art

Discovery through process art is a very integral part of our program. Experimentation with an extensive variety of art media helps the child to gain confidence and pleasure in the process of doing and discovering for himself rather than completing a preconceived end product.

Keeping Things New and Kids Excited

Activities vary from day to day with value also given to repetitive experiences. Every task has merit and may be interpreted differently by each child because of his or her level of discovery and maturity. Each class CNS30028develops a sense of community within a caring/sharing environment. At all times, learning is taking place and is ongoing. Central Nursery School strives to provide an educational program which stimulates and promotes the full potential of each child.

There is no better way to acquaint yourself with the friendly, nurturing environment we offer than to schedule a visit  and take a tour. We know you will find that our classrooms are not only bright and full of laughter, but also align with Our Philosophy as our young children thrive each day.
Be sure to check out Our School  page for more helpful information. If you have any questions or are ready to schedule your tour please call the CNS Office at 610-688-8563 today.