My daughter attended CNS for preschool and I thought the program was fantastic. Everyone was so kind and they provided a good learning structure. —K.S.CNS30010

The teachers are very patient and caring. Central Nursery school offers the perfect combination of learning and playing. My son loves going to school! —Wendy M.

My child has attended Central Nursery School for over 3 years and we could not be more happy. The staff are great, very warm, friendly, and nurturing. –S.L.

…the best choice for my children. They love going, they learn a ton and I love the schools methodology. —Julie L.

We know how valuable the feedback from other parents are to preschool parents researching which local option is right for their child. You will find lots of reviews and testimonials on the internet CNS preschoolers in the classroomrelated to real-life experiences at Central Nursery School. The quotes above are from actual CNS preschool parents. Additional testimonials can be viewed on the following websites: